My blog was created as part of a college course I am taking this semester. All of my classmates are also creating blogs, and each of us was tasked with reading and engaging with one of the blog’s of a classmate.

I had the pleasure of exploring the blog “Team Todd Outdoors”, which is about hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors in the northern Midwest.

team todd

Not interested in hunting and fishing? Please continue reading! I also would not consider myself to be particularly interesting in hunting and fishing. However, I really enjoyed reading Tyler’s (the author) posts. Here’s why.

First, his interest and passion for hunting comes through in his writing. He shares his personal mistakes, successes, and offers tips to others, even offering bits of humor along the way. His posts range from quick tips for hunters to longer personal narratives about specific experiences. Each of his posts, even the more technical ones, has personal elements, making them more relatable that if you were to do a quick google search on hunting.


Breaking up the text of his posts are his own pictures, each one adding beautiful color and imagery to the blog. He even includes photos from his outdoor wildlife cameras. One of my favorite posts of his so far includes a video from his go-pro camera that he wore during an early morning waterfowl hunt. Don’t worry – it isn’t a gory hunting video. It is actually rather beautiful as it captures the early morning out on the water.

As a non-hunter, most of the comments I left on his blog were focused on learning more. I know very little about hunting, and, although I have no intention of taking up hunting, his posts make me want to learn more. For example, I was curious what is done with the harvest and asked if his family eats it. He wrote an interesting post about a pheasant hunt , and I was especially curious if they eat the pheasants. I was surprised to find a rather long list of pheasant recipes online! He also mentioned bringing his dog with him on a duck hunt. I would be interested in learning more about the role of the dog in the hunt. Does the dog have special training to hunt ducks or is the dog just along for the ride?

Video of a dog carrying a duck

Now, you also may be wondering why I would be interested in this, and how his blog could possibly relate to mine. Immigration and outdoor sports are two very different topics. But I think what is important here is to look beyond the topic and look at the style. Tyler draws on his personal experiences to write about hunting and the outdoors. Telling his personal stories adds value that cannot be found simply by reading facts about hunting. This is very similar to my blog. Yes, there is lots of information online about immigration, but reading about it from a more personal experience gives the information a real-world context, just like Tyler’s blog does.  So next time, before you shy away from a blog because you aren’t necessarily interested in the topic, keep in mind that hearing the personal side just might make it more interesting.