bwff logoOn November 4th the Alvord Theater at Northland College found itself packed with an eager audience, all eyes affixed to a blank white screen on center stage. This was the venue for the “sneak preview” of the annual Big Water Film Festival (BWFF). Started in 2008, the festival aims to bring films “as fresh as the water of Lake Superior” to viewers in the the Chequamegon Bay area. The BWFF, which took place from November 4-8 this year, shows features, shorts, documentaries, and animations from the region and from around the world.At Northland College, the night’s line up consisted of five films ranging in themes from wolves to local food harvests.

Enhancing the festival was the presence of several of the filmmakers who each engaged with the audience after the showing of their respective films. The crowd in the Alvord Theater that night did not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the more personal aspects of filmmaking. Questions were asked about the filmmakers’ passions, motives, and techniques.

The “sneak preview” at Northland College was followed by three more full days of film showings in Ashland, Wisconsin. At the end of the festival, films were presented with various awards, including an Audience Favorite award which was determined by audience votes.

Trailer for BWFF Honorable Mention, “Taking Alcatraz”, that was part of the sneak preview.