As I write new posts, some of my older posts get buried in the archives. I’ve put this page to together to make it easier for you to find my favorite posts that are directly related to immigration and/or Young and I’s relationship.


3 Ways Residency Status Challenges Our Relationship & More Importantly, One Way It Doesn’t  Read about what it is like when your romantic partner is an undocumented immigrant.

A Thanksgiving Reflection. A story of celebrating Thanksgiving in a multi-cultural relationship.

Immigration Policy and Process

DACA: It’s a Big Deal. This post is about an executive order that has helped many undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Why Not In-State Tuition for DACA Recipients? Learn about a major challenge related to gaining a higher education when you are undocumented.

The Policies of the 2016 Presidential Election. All about how current candidate’s ideas could impact Young and me.


Coming Soon! 10 Posts to Look For. Wondering what to expect in the future from my blog? This is the post for you!

As I write more posts in this area, I will modify this page accordingly. Also, if there are posts you would like to see me write, please leave me a comment. Happy reading!